Vanaspati Restorative Ganja Yoga Touch

Vanaspati Restorative Ganja Yoga Touch
Event on 2017-03-19 18:00:00
Topicanna, HWY 1 Organics, and Vanaspati Yoga have joined forces and are now offering the central coast, Vanaspati Ganja Yoga, a cannabis enhanced yoga class in the beautiful and peaceful town of Cambria!

Come join us and wind down with complimentary cannabis to vape and soothing artisanal cannabis topical creams along with an hour-1/2 long Restorative Ganja Yoga Touch class to find serenity and calmness within. Classes will also end with local hand-blended herbal infusions by Vana Tisanes to further calm the senses.

The hand-selected cannabis comes from HWY 1 Organics, a small, local, and organic medical cannabis collective located in the North Coast County! Artisanal topical creams will be provided by Topicanna, a hand-crafted topical company also established right here on our Central Coast, specializing in cream based cannabis topicals delightful to the skin. Massages will be provided by our very our Cambrian Massage Therapist, Katie Vermillion!

We welcome all levels making it a good way to try yoga in an informal setting whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi. We strive to create a comfortable and functionally enhanced state where students can enjoy relaxing while bringing the power of plants within.

Students who prefer not to medicate are more than welcome to join as well!

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6.00 pm: Process + Sign Waivers; Vaporize & Enjoy Topicals by Topicanna
6.30 pm: Begin Restorative Ganja Yoga Touch Class
9.00 pm: Herbal Tea provided by Vana Tisanes (you may stay as long as you need)


Follow the steps below to sign up! No MJ Recommendation required with the passing of Prop 64!

1. Send an email to with which day you would like to attend, then we will send you the address of the location. The cutoff to sign-up is by 3pm the day of the event. We will send a confirmation email to all verified attendees by 4pm.

2. Come to the studio on your chosen night with your cash or credit, driver’s license/ID, and your yoga mat. If you don’t have a mat, no worries, we will have one for you!

Space is limited, please reserve ahead of time!

Must be 21 or older to attend, unless you have a MJ Recommendation.

*Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere near the premise, so if you prefer to bring your own cannabis, vaporizing, topicals, and edibles only please.

at Cambria, California, United States

Cambria, United States

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