Vanaspati Ganja Yoga Touch

Vanaspati Ganja Yoga Touch
Event on 2017-08-20 18:00:00
An Evening Filled with Cannabis, Yoga, Massage and Community

Vanaspati Yoga is proud to offer our special cannabis enhanced yoga touch class in Cambria! Come join us and experience not only a cannabis enhanced Restorative Yoga class as well as specialized hand touch massage!

Our INCREDIBLE massage therapist will be going around the class and massaging participants in their yoga postures while deepening the state of relaxation. We are so honored to have Katie Vermillion bring her gentle yet powerfully healing touch that is nothing like you’ve ever experienced. Enhancing your poses and stretches with gentle guidance and massage.

Artisanal cannabis topical creams will be provided by Topicanna, a hand-crafted topical company established right here on our Central Coast. Unlike common cannabis salves, Topicanna specializes in AMAZING cream based topicals that are thoughtfully crafted and soothing to the skin. In addition, they grow all their own cannabis that they use to infuse in their creams! We will compliment these wonderful creams with a variety of essential oils to make your own fragrances.

Flow Kana is providing two different strains from their Northern California heritage farmers who have grown cannabis sustainably in small batches for generations. Using only organic methods, the farmers they choose to work with have spent their lives balancing a unique and harmonious relationship between the farm, the genetics and the terroir. Flow Kana partners with, and helps to grow premier artisan farmers in Mendocino County and Southern Humboldt who focus on small batch, boutique strains.

We will be featuring Dr Cherry, an Indica dominant hybrid with 24.9% THC and 1.12% of the rarer CBG and an amazingly balanced 1:1 ratio Lemniscate with 6.8% THC and CBD. Both grown in Mendocino by Emerald Grown, a cooperative of California Cannabis farmers who stand together in solidarity to protect small farms and craft cannabis production.

Good Stuff Tonics will be providing their organic cannabis kombucha! Each tonic is a delightful combination of probiotic kombucha and the amazing power of cannabis. Good Stuff Tonics uses organic cane sugar, tea, and spices, allowing for each sip to be quite the refreshing and tasty treat! With it’s probiotics, this cannabis enhanced kombucha also provides benefits to our gut health which allows for enhanced immunity, improved digestion and mood, and a decrease in overall symptoms of allergies. Plus, with the addition of organic cannabis, this drink gives you an elevated state of happiness to go along with your happy and healthy gut!

Humboldt Apothecary who will be offering their wonderful cannabis tinctures. They take great care and pride in blending medicinal herbs with Cannabis oil to make tinctures that are safe and effective. All of the herbs that they use are organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted. Each tincture offers a blend of honey, organic grain-free alcohol, and filtered water, which is an excellent medium for extracting a suite of organic compounds that are responsible for the healing properties of the plants.

We will be using the tinctures in our favorite herbal tea from Vana Tisanes who will also be featuring their new pure cannabis leaf tea. A microdose of cannabinoids coming from the leaf instead of the flower actually containing more THCA than THC. Great for those who are only looking for a light “high” and want more of the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and immune-boosting benefits that cannabis can offer.

baceae returns with their delicious organic food-first edibles providing a variety of sativa and indica offerings to craft your own experience.

Everything noted above is complimentary when you purchase the class.

We welcome all levels making it a good way to try yoga in an informal setting whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi. We strive to create a comfortable and functionally enhanced state where students can enjoy relaxing while bringing the power of plants within.

Students who prefer not to medicate are more than welcome to join as well!

If you are new to cannabis, and have any questions or concerns, please send a message my way, and I’d be happy to answer your questions and provide resources to your specific concerns.

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6.00 pm: Vaporize, Enjoy Topicals by Topicanna + Tinctures by Humboldt Apothecary + Edibles by baceae + Kombucha by Good Stuff Tonics
6.30 pm: Begin Restorative Ganja Yoga Touch Class
9.00 pm: End Class + Herbal Tea provided by Vana Tisanes (you may stay as long as you need)


Follow the steps below to sign up!

1. We recommend you purchase your space ahead of time for the event which will guarantee your spot in the class. We will secure spaces first for all those who purchase ahead of time.

2. Address will be sent on the day before the actual event with the confirmation email. If you are 21 and older, you are not required to bring your MJ Recommendation, just a form of ID will suffice. If you are under 21, let me know, I’ll have you sign up with our partner dispensary but you are required to have an MJ license.

3. If you would simply like to sign up now and pay at the door, that is an option as well! Just send an email to with which event you would like to attend. Unfortunately, we just cannot guarantee your space due to limited availability. If there is still availability on the day before the event, we will send you a confirmation email that ensures your space is still available, and you may pay at the door.

Space is limited and this is a private event, so the only way to guarantee your space is to reserve ahead!

Must be 21 or older to attend, unless you have a MJ Recommendation.

We encourage you to bring your own cannabis to use and share with the community, but SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED anywhere near the premise, so if you prefer to bring your own cannabis, vaporizing, topicals, and edibles only please.

at Cambria, California, United States

Cambria, United States

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