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Off the Hook
Event on 2017-01-14 20:00:00
OFF THE HOOK In collaboration with WSFF and SRYCL January 13th and 14th, 2017 Fine and Rare Pink Zebra Metal and Match Stag Dining Group Bon Vivants Fine & Rare: In July of 2014, Chef Scott Peterson made a solid 50 Paladar guests cry with his surprise course of the most velveteen salmon dish humans have ever eaten. Since then he & Sommelier Ted Wilson spearheaded the most incredible gourmet food venue the Bay Area has ever sunk its teeth into. The Hall not only provided SF foodies with approachable, well-made food, but it completely transformed Market Street for the better. Then in May of 2015, we brought them back for a double nighter in honor of the treasures hidden in the Deep Blue, as a toast to springtime, and in observance of doers everywhere! That delicate dose of omegas: artfully plated, intricately designed, and delectably flavored solidified the Fine and Rare fan club here in the foothills. Their dinner reacquainted us with PERFECTLY prepared seafood and reminded us of the precious necessity to a balanced world our oceans remain. Fierce and nurturing. Bountiful and unforgiving. Scott & Ted brought the maritime to the mountains. Since then, they opened up a brick and mortar in the city and have been winning hearts and bellies ever since. It certainly doesnt hurt having an amazing sommelier on hand to round out every bite! Ted Wilson has spent his entire professional life in the wine business. His career path began in vineyards and cellars in the Finger Lakes of Upstate NY, which then careened him up the ladder to working as a Sales Rep for a NYC- based distributor and later becoming the Senior VP and Director of Operations for that distributor. During his time as the Operations Director, Ted oversaw the production of an "in-house" brand that he helped grow to over 2,000 cases annually and increased distribution across multiple states. His varied wine industry background, from the winemaking process to executive positions, was driven by his ultimate goal: to launch a brand and apply all of his skills and past experiences into a label he could call his own. Which he has done with Wilson and Wilson Wine. full disclosure, its delicious. PINK ZEBRA: Jesse Koide is the chef/founder of Pink Zebra, a San Francisco based pop-up restaurant. His vast level of skill and experience in restaurants has taken him from pot wash, to sushi counter, and on to becoming head chef. His cuisine can be described as 'Mediterrasian', drawing from his love of Italian flavors and his disciplined roots in Japanese kitchens. This has resulted in a deep, umami rich, and technique-driven style that is genuine, curious, playful, and a bit rough around the edges, much like him. Pink Zebra was named one of the "Top 25 New Restaurants" by Bon Appetit and "Best New Pop Up Dinner" by the SF Weekly, both in 2015. As former head chef of Mission Chinese SF, Jesse has a massive fan base. He currently hosts Pink Zebra dinners at Namu Gaji, as well as events at various other locations in San Francisco. Jesses dinner at Pollys Paladar this spring was our second into our 5th year. He had our guests totally amazed at what he was able to pull off in each dish. As an observer to it all, I can honestly say that it was one of the most entertaining Paladars I have ever been privileged enough to witness! Metal & Match: Sommelier Ted Wilson and founding chef Christine Wells are Metal & Match. They have been painted as a breath of fresh air in the catering world, a fusion of innovation plus years of restaurant experience, and a joy to work with. They come to Polly's Paladar for the second time as this culinary tandem. We have felt the savoir-faire of Sir Wilson several times as half of Fine & Rare and half of this recently released culinary dream team. Both remarkable seasoned paladar darlings. Chef Christine Wells has been described as a magician who transforms traditional into radical. She has been a food photographer, attended the French Culinary Institute in NYC, worked at City Grit, was head chef at Brooklyn Winery, and then was head chef at Foxtail Catering. So, yeah…. she has been around the block. We are thrilled to have both of them with us. The Metal and Match Paladar (the 47th) was inspired by smoke, fire, and ash. They brought food back to its birthplace. Primitive techniques, our ancestors knew intimately, were their guides. Tender memories forged fireside and rooted in nature were translated onto the dinner plates with total grace. And who can forget those mason jars of smoke we sent out to the tables to play with? Crazy fun had by all. STAG DINING GROUP: Five years ago, I had the opportunity to dine inside of the publication headquarters of San Francisco's "The Bold Italic" with The Stag Dining Group. Ever since then, I knew I would one day lure their chefs Jordan Grosser and Ted Fluery to Polly's Paladar. Well, friends, the rest is history. It DID take a long time to nail down those SDG boys, but now they are all dear ole friends just itching for more Nevada County at any chance they get! And the food is simply BEYOND, people So they came (April of 2013-The Stag of Spring) and wooed us all and then they came back again (May of 2014-Aloha Cerf Club) and made us all faint with flavor. They deserve a little introduction for sure: Jordan Grosser and Ted Fluery have many years of experience and expertise in the culinary industry. Jordans passion and prowess in the kitchen was evident early in his career, assuming the role of sous-chef with Ted at La Soliel of Tucson. His career pursuits brought him to San Francisco in 2004 where he worked at Azie. After a stint at Campton Place and Wolfgang Puck's Postrio where Jordan quickly propelled to the esteemed role of Chef De Cuisine at this San Francisco fine-dining institution, he re-joined Ted Fluery as co-executive chefs at Alembic (Where they worked with Ethan Terry of Bon Vivants as well). Jordan and Ted have a warm presence lighting up any room and their excellent cuisine has been known to invoke 'slow clap' ovations. As longtime friends and colleagues, Jordan Grosser and Ted Fleury first launched Stag Dining Group in December of 2010. In their mission statement, Grosser and Fleury define the heart and soul of their work not by the question of "why", but "why not? Their clandestine suppers are nationally known, lusted after, and delicious. They have been given accolades by: 7X7 Magazine, The Silentist, Refinery 29, San Fransisco Magazine, Behance, Thrillest, Clean Pates, The Bold Italic, Ewallstreeter, SF Weekly, Champagne and Heels, Umami Mart, SF Chronicle, The Styley, Sf Bay Guardian, and Urbandaddy… to name a few. Stag holds dinner parties on battleships, inside Heath Ceramics, the Bold Italic Headquarters, legendary hotels with legendary people like Jacques Pepin, they have them at shooting ranges and in vineyards…. and they have them at Polly's Paladar. Bon Vivants: Ethan has this infectious smile that made me wonder, at first, if it was actually an act (one that becomes ingrained in any individual living for a certain amount of time in the service industry) or an endlessly sweet desire to not only give excellent service from behind a bar, but also make anyone feel important even from across a picnic blanket or at a casual party. What I eventually found out is that its both. Ethan is the most polite person I have literally ever met. And its not an act. He is ALWAYS polite. He is the best bar tender on the planet and the sweetest guy who wants to make you an amazing drink even when hes not technically working. Its as though he literally lives to please you and I believe its true. He is a part of The Bon Vivants, a nationally recognized cocktail, hospitality, marketing, and design firm started by Josh Harris and Scott Baird in 2009. As Attaché of BV, Sir Ethan Terry will be mixing drinks for our guests with every penny going to SYRCL, so drink up! Obvi, only 21 and over at this dining event! Some of you locals may have seen him guest bar tend at the Golden Era some time ago and now we have him all to ourselves! Allowable dietary preferences: Vegetarian Gluten Free Email if you require either or both of these kinds of meals. Babysitting upstairs available! /hour/kid. Email if you would like to sign up for this separate service! OFF THE HOOK MENU* Pink Zebra – First: purple yam dashipurple yam chip, mushroom cream, uni, maitake. Pairing: Bon Vivants Cocktail, Shiso High Above Me: Tequila Ocho Plata, Muddles Shiso, Five Spice Syrup, Lime. Stag Dining Group – Second: charred winter vegetables, bagna cauda, trout roe. Pairing:Calicraft Reserve-Chenin Blanc and Viognier. Stag Dining Group – Third: porchetta di testa, black trumpet naan, sunchoke mayo, sottocieniere, red frills. Pairing: Deer Blood Rosé, White Zinfandel, Sonoma, 2014. Metal & Match – Fourth: coho salmon, winter squash, smoked butter, frisee, Fresno chili, kale-pepita crisps. Pairing: Banshee Pinot Noir, Sonoma County, 2014. Metal & Match – Fifth: cowgirl creamery red hawk, togarashi seeded brittle, pickled banana puree, pear, house black pepper crackers. Pairing:Buzzerkeley Sparkling Ale. Pink Zebra – Sixth: purple yam, persimmon, konbo. Pairing: Bon Vivants Cocktail: Anise Joplin (served hot): Tequila Ocho Anejo, Brown Sugar Anise Syrup, Ginger, Nutmeg Cream Bon Vivants anywhere cocktail option: My Sherry Amour: Olorosso Sherry, Bergamont, Seasonal Berry Puree, Soda. Sponsoring businesses: Calicraft Banshee Wines Wilson and Wilson Deer Blood Rosé Two X Sea *Accompanied drink pairings to be listed ASAP and menu is subject to change.

at Polly’s Paladar
107 A Mill St.
Nevada City, United States

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