Lost Art of the Hashishin Workshop Feb. 2017 L.A.

Lost Art of the Hashishin Workshop Feb. 2017 L.A.
Event on 2017-02-25 08:30:00
Frenchy Tech Ice-Water Sieving with the "Agitator" Washer The primary goal of Frenchy Cannoli's work is to promote appreciation of traditional hashish as it is made in producing countries. Come spend a day with Frenchy to learn the ancient art of sieving using his new custom-made, food-grade certified, stainless steel 15-gallon washer to demonstrate the ice-water sieving method he has adapted and perfected. Frenchy provides a live demo with in-depth commentary on all aspects of the actual process.  For the full workshop agenda, please see the description below. The workshop will be held at a centrally located facility in Los Angeles. Exact location details will be provided in separate e-mail to workshop participants the day before the event. To ensure all participants are able to fully enjoy the workshop process, and have lots of interaction with Frenchy, the number of participants per workshop will be limited.  As this workshop is being held in California, you must present a valid Doctor's Recommendation and current Photo ID to participate in the workshop. We want to offer deep thanks and appreciation to all the participants and everyone else who has been supporting our educational efforts to promote traditional methods. #fortheloveoftheplant Content by Frenchy Cannoli is intended to promote the legal use and processing of medical cannabis for the certified patient in States/Countries were the local laws protect medical/adult cannabis use. Frenchy Cannoli does not promote the illegal sale or use of cannabis in any form. This content is purely educational intended for adult use only. This content is not intended for Users less than 18 years of age. If you fall into this category please EXIT this site immediately. Workshop Agenda: 9am: Introduction to Ice Water Sieving The Terpenes The Trichomes Sieve – definitions, implications, and sizes Dimensions of ripeness Cleanliness standards Machine vs. manual Water and ice 10am Live Demo Morning The Trims Fresh trims Dry trims Cured on flowers trim Frozen trims Reading the trims  The Ice Sandwich Timing the cycle Reading the water Pressure rinse The Process Drying and collecting tricomes from bags Chopping, shavings, etc. Drying 12:30pm Catered Group Hot Lunch  1pm Live Demo Afternoon 3pm Tea (Coffee) and Questions 4pm Wrap-up Lecture/Demonstration Pressing Curing Aging 5:30pm Debrief and degustation with Frenchy Special Requirement: You must be 18 years or older to attend the event, and present a valid, current and registered Medical Cannabis Doctor's Authorization letter to attend and participate in the event. No exceptions. Authorizations will be checked prior to the event. Details: Location address and other details will be provided privately to particpants once registered with Eventbrite. Please Note: This event will be limited to 25 participants. Cancellation Policy: E-mail Frenchy Cannoli to arrange Up to 48 hrs (2 days) prior to workshop start time: Full refund available. 48hrs (2 days) to 10pm night prior to workshop: No refund ticket will be honored for a later workshop. 10pm day prior to workshop to Day of workshop No Show: No refund. Ticket is forfeited. Cannot be used for later workshop.

at Los Angeles
Larchmont Village, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA
Los Angeles, United States

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