Growing/Cultivation Class 1

Growing/Cultivation Class 1
Event on 2017-05-13 09:00:00
Cultivation Workshop Series Come learn. Leave ready! Objective: This is a solid 1 day in-depth study and hands-on learning workshop designed for the serious grower or budtender. Our expert growers will take you through each step of the growing process, address the challenges along the way with practical solutions, and lead you to the ultimate reward of a healthy crop.  Students will learn how to safely and responsibly grow indoors using a soil medium and with the use of Aeropnic cloning techniques, as well as Rockwool and how to care for clones, garden room best practices, transplanting, lighting essentials, nutrients and watering, temperature and humidity, harvesting, drying and curing and more.  Syllabus: Safety and Responsible Growing Medicinal Cannabis: Exploring Indica and Sativa Life Cycle of the Cannabis Plant Seed Selection and Germination Vegetative and Pre-flower Cloning and Clone Care Flowering Stage  Garden Room Best Practice Understanding pH Levels Lights Watering and Nutrients Disease and Pest Control Soil as a Grow Medium Harvesting Techniques Trimming and Curing   

at 360 Tiki Bar and Lounge
1200 Southeast Federal Highway
Stuart, United States

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