Cannabis Career Institute: Bud-Tending/Growing Seminar – Philadelphia, PA – 04/30/2017

Cannabis Career Institute: Bud-Tending/Growing Seminar – Philadelphia, PA – 04/30/2017
Event on 2017-04-30 14:30:00
A Professional Training Course created to teach you the essentials about cannabis and your state’s Cannabis Laws so that you can work in a Dispensary. In order to work with cardholders in this position you must understand the medication before you start assisting patients. The learning material is presented in a 4 hour course with an exam at the end to get your certificate of completion. The objective of this class to help you understand the cannabis industry and the medication which will help jumpstart your career with the knowledge you need to speak astutely when you are called in to interview for an opening at a dispensary. What You Will Learn: Laws and what to anticipate in a real Marijuana Dispensary How Medical Marijuana benefits patients and the power of different cannabinoids and terpenes Medical Marijuana strains and the symptoms that it can ease or alleviate Break down of Medical Marijuana products available and how to instruct a patient to use them How to prescribe the appropriate Medical Marijuana dosage How to address new patients, and communicate, in order to address their needs; plus, recommend the most appropriate Medical Marijuana product and dosage to ensure a positive experience The Endo-cannabinoid system: Learn how this system in your body uses the cannabinoids to alleviate ailments A lesson on the main cannabinoids in cannabis (THC, CBD, CBN, etc) and what each can do to help your patients The ailments/diseases medical cannabis can be suggested for and which cannabinoids / terpenes work best for symptoms associated with these diseases How to interface with Point of Sale systems, Inventory Systems and Security for the Cannabis Industry A Day in the Life of a Dispensary Employee (Budtender) Our trainer, with experience and research working in medical marijuana dispensaries, will teach you the skills and information you need to be a knowledgeable, compassionate and professional Medical Marijuana Employee in this new exciting and industry.

at Marriott Courtyard
8900 Bartram Avenue
Philadelphia, United States

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