A Deeper Understanding of Orchids Series

A Deeper Understanding of Orchids Series
Event on 2017-08-12 09:00:00


This program is a three-part series for the more serious orchid grower, who has gone beyond the beginner’s stage.

Series Schedule:

August 12: During It’s All in the Flower, features of orchid flowers and associations with pollinator partners are explored, as well as relationships between different orchid species and genera.

September 9: Growing Orchids in Tune with Nature centers on how different orchids grow in their environments and how that translates into growing practices. Orchid partnerships with fungi, in addition to orchid pests and Integrated Pest Management are also discussed.

October 14: At the Potting & Troubleshooting Workshop,participants who have a concern about their plants are encouraged to bring in one or two of their orchids for a diagnosis. Problems are addressed, including the need for repotting. After a repotting demonstration, orchids are supplied for the class to repot, which they take home. Orchids which have particular issues in the greenhouse may also be examined.

Cost:  per person for the entire series. Space is limited and advance registration is required.

at Duke Farms
80 Route 206
Hillsborough, United States

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